Awww Ma-un

Again, say it with feeling.  The HR person called me back.  I can’t believe it.  Her call has nothing to do with me or TVI.  I had to pull it out of her because the interview won’t happen until Monday at 1pm.  It appears there is another HR issue from my old department. Which I knew about but never dreamed it had anything to do with me. Which it doesn’t.  Boy oh boy, do not bring me in to your bs without even discussing it with me.

I should say that while I felt TVI was incompetent and brainless beyond belief, I have the utmost respect for my other colleages. Save one.  And that one?  Is filing a suit against our department, which if he were to win might destroy it completely.  Unforgivable.  And he gave my name as a witness to the abuse he suffered from his boss.  Which I did not witness, quite the opposite.  Wanna read my letter to him and HR?  Talk about burning bridges.  I think I was channeling Jane Austin.  *laugh*  Will it ever end?


I must sincerely thank you for giving me an opportunity that allows me to assist someone I care about.  I am so very grateful that you gave my name as a resource.

Since I am no longer an employee of the University, please understand if I use this as an opportunity to share with you what I really think.  As my own agent now, I will enjoy this greater freedom of discourse and opinion.  I was never able to share this with you before.

Once again, typically, you have taken action (this time it wasn’t public as usual) and made statements without verifying facts.  I suspect that you will regret passing my name to HR for an interview about CSDE.  I do hope so. Thank you for making what was such a lovely day, not. And once again for taking
up so much of my precious time and head space for your drama and trauma.

You were not privy to any of my reasons for leaving That Department (TD). They are not your reasons and do not resemble your reasons in any way. You are so far off the mark it makes me sick.  I left TD because I got an offer I couldn’t refuse, the chance to work as my own boss, to make my living from home, to work with a beloved friend of many years. I truly didn’t enjoy working with The Village Idiot. So what? I have the utmost respect for my other co-workers, some of the best people I have EVER worked with. I would never have left what was my first dream job if I hadn’t been given a wonderful opportunity that will change my life in ways I am only beginning to imagine.  In fact, if my web position were to become available part-time, as a fail safe for a fledgling new business, I would go back to TD in a heartbeat.  I have not shared any displeasure with you about working with TD and it boggles my mind that you would think so.  I wore a mask for interactions with you, you didn’t know what I was thinking.

We are not on the same page, I am NOT your ally.   Working with you was not a pleasure, it was a considerable drag.

What I place at your feet:

  1. tireless complaining, frivolous spending of TD monies, and constant “water cooler” chats, how can I count the times?
  2. predictable refusal to help me with my computer which was your job, I finally stopped asking.
  3. insulting denial of my rights to work as an admin on my own machine when I was an honorary Computing Core member and worthy of the same rights as you when I needed the ability to instantaneously make upgrades to my machine to do my job
  4. telling me you couldn’t help me with something that might have taken 10 minutes of your time, sometimes telling me it would be weeks before you could get around to me you were so busy, only to have to listen to your loud voice boom down the hall as you spent hours at a time shooting the breeze with other employees too polite to tell you that THEY were actually busy?  On topics decidedly NOT work related. Over and above the usual goodwill needed to get along as a team, in fact, quite conducive to the opposite.
  5. responding to emails addressed to me specifically on the help email list and interfering with my relationships with clients on web and graphic matters with no consultation with myself was inexcusable, unprofessional, and sealed my opinion of you
  6. browbeating your supervisor with needless complaints and demands in a public manner
  7. whine whine whine whine whine
  8. loud, speaker phone diatribes coming from your office with service providers and on private phone calls
  9. abusive and offensive emails you repeatedly sent out to the staff email list, accusing us, US, of stealing from your office, emails on other topics as well. I asked M. several times to initiate a policy that no official emails from you were to be sent out to the public lists without his review
  10. spreading lies and rumors around TD stating vehemently and publically that they were facts, on matters that effected us and our positions, only for me and others to find through thorough reseach that you were entirely incorrect.  I stopped listening to you early on.  Bluster and bombast and, dare I say it, bullshit

Oh joy. Rapture.  I will share with anyone who asks me how distressing your behavior and lack of professional manners was to me.  Just because I talked music with you and you burned me a music CD (which I did not request and which you did on the university’s equipment and on university time, sadly I destroyed it when I left and now regret that as it was concrete physical evidence against you) it does not follow that I respected you as a co-worker.  Indeed it is much the opposite.  I regretted giving my recommendation for your hire almost immediately upon your arrival. I sincerely was glad to know when I left that if you returned from medical leave I would never have to deal with you again. I hoped for the dept’s sake that you would not return as you were not an asset to the department in any way that I could tell.  This was a definite, specific thought in my mind, I am not speaking with sarcasm. I do not jest. When I tallied the good reasons for leaving this was one of them.  Sadly, thanks to you, it appears I was wrong.  I am  dealing with you weeks after leaving. Quelle surprise.

I adore M., BK, and GR.  They were three of the six reasons it was such a difficult decision for me to leave TD. That and my lovely office, job security, and “my” clients. Working with them has been a true pleasure, an honor. From the beginning of my employment in the dept, M. has been a mentor to me and someone I have come to trust with my confidences.  I have shared all manner of things with M. and have relied upon him to provide me with support, guidance, and well considered, useful advice which I used to great effect as part of a team effort to provide the top notch customer service we rightly take pride in, to those both external and interal to TD. It would have served you well to listen to him on these matters as your customer service manners? How can I put it delicately? SUCKED. M.? Is a saint for his efforts at trying to help you.  You were belligerent with him at every turn, I could hear you through your door, and refused to listen or accept his assistance or correction which is your duty as his employee.  Since I know how M. is when dealing with a cooperative co-worker I can only assume that you were the problem, not he.  He is not abusive in any way and I consider him to be one of the kindest, sincerest people of my acquaintence.  I have received the same respect and guidance from GR and BK. I have nothing but respect and high regard for all three.

I will NOT be backing your play on this in any way.  I’m glad that I will have an opportunity to assist them in this matter as they richly deserve it.

Please do not use this email as an invitation to discuss this matter with me in any way.  Your behavior in the past and at present has not inspired me to be inclined to consider any contact of any kind with you nor to be of any assistance to you in this or any other matter.  Please, feel free to pass my name and contact information on to your attorney(s). You have my permission to also share this missive with your lawyer.  Your lawyer can speak with my lawyer.


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