Ooooooh Girrrrl

Say it out loud with as much ethnic girlness as you can muster.

I got an interesting phone call while I was out walking Greenlake.  I’m not up to the three miles all the way around yet (how pathetic is that??) but it’s a beautiful place.  This morning there was a lovely mist so the morning was cool with the promise of sun later.  Perfect for walking and with that hint of autumn crispness we get in the August mornings here in the Pacific Northwest. Red wing blackbird babies, squirrels, the first acorns on the ground, the lily pad flowers in their full glory.  Gorgeous.

But you don’t really care about that now do you.  Cuz I know you just waiting for the gossip huh? What WAS that interesting phone call?

There was a voicemail from a woman in the university’s HR office. She wants to interview me about a serious issue taking place in the department I just left.  We all know what that is about don’t we.  I called God’s Rottweiler to ask if there was anything he wanted me to focus on.  He said that any of it would suffice, that it has been hell around there. 

My friends, you know that The Village Idiot is getting fired.  It might not be resolved by the end of next week per GR but the end is imminent. Soon.  With him gone and my assistant gone you know what they’ll be needing?  A webmaster.

2 thoughts on “Ooooooh Girrrrl

  1. Watching this from a distance has been a very nice lesson on how not to burn your bridges. Sometimes I thought I would have just gone “flame on” in some of those hard circumstances you found yourself in with the hostile workplace. Sometimes I wanted to cry in frustration for you… My hope is that it lands you in the best possible spot!!!

  2. I cried those tears for ya! What a nice thing to say my friend. I don’t honestly know how I did it. Especially since I did burn a couple bridges in the past year.

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