Things are starting to turn around

Oh thank God.

Met with a colleague today and discussed with second “partner.”  We have an evil plan. I will mock up an extremely basic website template (I already have one) which we will offer to the members of an association we all belong to.  For a basic price, they will get 3-5 pages, three colors of their choice (with my expertise and input), and a motif in the masthead with their name.  They provide content text and any other graphics such as their photo.  A small portion of the cost will be donated by myself to the association.  They have 90 days for this special offer, pay up front, first come first launched and so on.  I think it is a brilliant idea and of course I’m simplifying here but I understand that if 30% of their people go for it, which is very likely, they are all clamouring for websites but it overwhelms them, this could mean 15-20 sites in 4 months.

That is very exciting.  It could really help me out.  Proposal to board next week and if approved goes in the very next newsletter, on the site (which I already maintain), and I go make an announcement and pass out my cards (and maybe accept checks) at the dinner meeting at the first of the month.

This would be awesome.  I could support myself for several months this way.

So mote it be.

Dinner with M. Wednesday evening.  I texted the invite because he was working and I was going in to a meeting (see above).  The text back had ! in it.  How very phallic of him.  I asked him what time.  “I could come over right after work or go take care of some things at home first.”  What would you like to do? “Come over right after work.”  Yeah.  It’s so nice to get little hints that he’s eager too.  *sigh*  Less than 48 hours.  You laugh, I can hear you.  Can’t help it.  I’m all a twitter.  On the agenda?  Foot massage.  Don’t want to be a total tease but dang.  I want another kiss.

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