Cancer this week

Sci-fi author Neil Gaiman sometimes invites his readers to get involved in his creative process. While working on the story “Metamorpho,” for example, he Twittered, “Trying to decide if broccoli is funnier than kohlrabi in a list of vegetables.” When a number of fans suggested “rutabaga” instead, he took their suggestion. (Thanks to The New Yorker for that report.) I’d like to borrow Gaiman’s approach, as you’re entering a phase of your astrological cycle when you’ll have maximum power to shape your own destiny. So here’s my question: What accomplishment would you like your horoscope to say you will complete by May 15?

I wish I knew.  I thought it was all about getting a new job, then it was about cleaning up after the fire, but before that it was about getting my unemployment benefits.  Right now, I’m back to focusing on getting my unemployment benefits.  It’s been 6 weeks since I lost that horrible job and they say to be prepared to wait 6-8 weeks.  A friend of mine waited 13.  I have enough money to get through 13 weeks but then it’s going to start getting a bit scary.  The money would have lasted longer if I hadn’t had to spend money on the new apartment.  Worth every penny and some new tools that will last me years.  I can live with that.  I love tooooools.  Unless of course they are human.

Hmmm what would I like by May 15th?  Whatever the universe thinks I need.  Instead of putting energy into what I want exactly and instead getting what the universe says I need and on its timeline not mine, I think I’ll just leave it alone.  It seems to me that I can just put out what I want (which I’ve done) and not put strings or dates or details to it and I’ll be happier.  So yes, I’d love to have love, money, and joy. But not sure that May 15th matters.  Let’s see how you work it all out universe.  In the mean time I think I’ll follow the advice from Under the Tuscan Sun. Go work on your house and forget about it.

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