The Week in Cancer – Graceful Growth

Have you ever observed the rising moon with such a steady gaze that you’ve actually seen it move? Have you ever sat yourself down in front of a rose bud during the hour it exploded into full bloom? Those experiences have resemblances to a slow-motion burst of graceful growth that’s unfolding in your own sphere. I hope you have the patience to give it your full attention, because that way it’s more likely to express its potential completely. To enhance your chances of nurturing the subtle magic, remember and ruminate on the images your nightly dreams give you.

I just don’t know what it is about Rob Brezsny but he does the best horoscopes for me.  Maybe it’s because he’s a cancer too but dang, every week, spot on.  And funny and brilliant and so much more interesting than most other horoscope writers.

D and I are doing much personal discovery of each other in many ways.  Things are drawing out slowly, deliciously, passionately, focussedly (so what, I can make up words if I want to), with interest, abandon, affection, attention, and well, things are just darned good right now.  I’m observing him, myself, and life is good.

Plus, today I get my birthday present from my parents. A mini fridge for my haven home.  Work doesn’t kill me, even the worst days are so easy compared to what I’m used to.

Life is good, very, very good.

As you were…

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