Wasteland of Rocks or Abundance Beyond Measure?

This week in cancer:

Afghanistan is a wasteland of desert and rocks, right? Well, no, actually. It harbors huge deposits of minerals that are critical to the industrialized world. There’s a complication, though. To succeed, the arduous business of mining such minerals needs lots of water and electricity as well as political stability and a good infrastructure — all of which are in short supply in Afghanistan. In offering this scenario for your consideration, Cancerian, I’m suggesting that you make a comparable re-evaluation of a certain situation in your own life. According to my reading of the omens, someone or something you’ve considered barren may in fact harbor resources that are useful to you. Here’s the rub: Are you in position to get access to them? If not, what would it take to do so?

Goodness, I hardly know where to begin. I’ll get the easily brief things out of the way. Interview tomorrow with a Microsoft headhunter. Their website lists tons of opportunities. Bring it on. Have a couple other irons in the fire, one of which I would dearly love to see happen. Tick tock.

I have photos ready to go for the Etsy shop, will announce tonight most likely. I am not set up to take photos of clothing and need to work on that but will get a couple bags up and the like. I need a model…

Mr. Furnace and I had a really, and I mean REALLY, good talk yesterday. I told him about my inventory and epiphany, he told me about the changes that happened for him on his trip. We are both moving along very well with the personal growth/recovery thing and it’s good to see. We have not discussed anything regarding our own relationship in any depth but he has been responsive and we will talk about it soon. Neither of us have been happy with our relationship situation, this calls for creativity in spades and hearts. We are looking for shades of gray as opposed to black and white and both of us have some more thought percolation but I feel extremely good about this right now. Square wheels and all. I have a case of the warm fuzzies lately and there is a little jiggle in my heart area. This? Still feels different and rather exciting in a whole new way. I’m utterly in love and yet I’m patient and I feel no, dare I say it?  No, not yet…

Well.  I guess this is brief in all areas. Getting to meetings, talking with folks, staying calm, plodding through my days getting things done, taking time out to rest and recover and process, quiet days. It’s all good. I’m not in any hurry here. Hurry will not be in my best interests at this time. I will however take a job the moment one comes up.

Oh. And Autumn has hit the Seattle area. Yuuuummmmm. My favorite time of year. New beginnings, fresh starts, projects and the time and cooler weather to work on them.  Yes. My brother and his family are coming for Samhain too! I can hardly wait…

From the Druid Plant Oracle.

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