Imbolc ~ House Cleaning Time

On Sunday the songbirds came back. There is a gigantic rhododendron outside my bedroom window. In the summer, while laying in bed, I can look up and out the window and see the sun shining through the leaves, all golden sun and leaf green and sky blue.  The birds love this big old bushy tree but when winter comes they leave it behind for warmer climates.  Along with little plant shoots poking shyly out of the mulch and my mom forcing forsythia (which I used to think was called For Cynthia and so it has always been my first plant connection) in the house, their twittering in the rhody is one of first signs of spring.

My grandmother had a love of figurines and it passed to me.  We don’t have the same tastes but I have a few of hers.  One is the little black/tan/rust bunny below.

Those sheep? I agonized over the purchase of those sheep. I thought I was losing my mind wanting to buy expensive tea light holders that are SHEEP.  I mean that is just too twee for me but buy them I did. I’m attached to them.  While I haven’t run into more sheep I have found many bunnies. And they are calling to come out to help change the place over to spring. The big guy was my first bunny, I just couldn’t leave him.  He came with a big carrot candle. I stick with white.

I’ve had this overwhelming drive to cleanse my home. Compared to lots of folks I don’t have that many belongings but I feel the need to purge stuff. I’m trying to make sure I don’t get reckless and toss something I’m going to seriously regret but the more I let go of things, the lighter I feel. The tarot decks were the first stage.  I spent all day Sunday clearing out the east side of the studio.  Getting rid of massive amounts of photocopies from my early SCA research that I seriously don’t need any more. Now I have room for the blank wood boxes instead of piling them up on the floor.  Whew.

Only 2 small bookshelves but it took me all afternoon. I ran into a lot of dust and unfortunately some mold.  I definitely have a mold allergy because I’ve had vertigo for two days. Blurg.  It’s hard to have this overwhelming desire to clean and work and not being able to actually do so. The post Yule altar is still up but I’m getting there, the bunnies are out, it’s a start.

I can at least take some photos and sit on the couch for a minute or three…  The african violets agree and are blooming along with the Halloween cactus. Mine bloom at Halloween, not Christmas, go figure.  *cackle*  Boy do those windows need a cleaning.