Skin Blessings

I’ve kept a secret for a little while.  One of the things that was inspired thanks to this secret was The Raven Box.  There is a theme going on and now that I’m done with the project, it will be with me forever.

The Beginning

Introducing This… Above All…

Tattoo - 3/22/2012

The blue bird and the crow represent the dark and light of my spirit.  The vined heart symbolizes how love can grow and reach in to all places, hanging on in adversity, always loving, every growing.  The berries are the fruit of my journey and labors.  The rings in the bird’s mouths are the wedding bands of my mother and grandmother and how both remained married until death parted them. My father is still with us but this will be true for them. The triangle in the circle is the AA symbol and therefore represents my sobriety, without which I would have nothing.  The pentagram is obvious, it is my shield, my guide, my other rock.

Tattoo - 3/22/2012

Tattoo - 3/22/2012

What slight redness there is will fade and the colors will brighten a bit.  It’s been only 12 hours in this photo. This was taken in bright morning light at the coffee house. Once it has fully healed I will post another, clearer shot.

Clark Kent at Slave to the Needle did an amazing job, his lines are so crisp, he interpreted my vision in such a lovely way, using my bare skin as the highlights on the birds and berries.  I couldn’t be more pleased.