The Big Burn

I’ve been working hard to get a few pieces that I can put in my Etsy store.  I would love to have a larger inventory but for now, 4 pieces should do it. Since my prices aren’t for everybody my inventory probably won’t diminish over night which gives me time to work on more pieces. Every day I’m working on something, this is The Year of the Burn.

Here is a taste of what I will be offering at the store opening on March 21st, the spring equinox.

The Four Musketeers

Fleur (work in progress) and the Mountain (complete)

Beeswax Runes (complete) and Fleur (work in progress

The New Tutorial is Here!

I just love the smell of burning wood in the morning. Perhaps it’s my childhood sensory memories of campfires and wood smoke from a hot stove. Perhaps it’s the way the smoke wafts its tendrils up into the air. Perhaps it’s the sparks. Perhaps it’s the final results. Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s all of the above…I hope that you find this information helpful and that you step off into a new craft with joy and that it brings you and the recipients of your gifts much pleasure.

The Tutorial is ready!

To Thine Own Self…

Be True.  The words from Polonius’ monologue will go around the sides…  Still considering font styles…

I’m working on a new box and using this particular project to also create the long awaited wood burning tutorial.


Sketch - The kitty cat was added Thursday night when our beloved Raven left us in this world for the next.


Reality - pentagram switched out, background updated, the moon and stars are going to be reminiscent of the Giant of Cerne Abbas and the White Horst of Uffington. The upper corners are now square and that is actually a boo-boo. I was a bit verklempt I guess. I'm still considering the border edges but couldn't resist the burn...

To Thine Own Self...